Lucky's Bing Midwest City

Upcoming Specials

July Specials


July 1st

Come celebrate our 3rd Annual Cook Out!!!

First 80 people in the door receive 2 FREE Hot Dogs and a FREE T-Shirt!

 $6,000 Guaranteed to Go

1- $3000 Wild Ball Game Guaranteed

1- $1000 Pick 8 Game Guaranteed

2- $500 Session Games Guaranteed

2- $300 Games Guaranteed

4- $100 FREE Drawings starting at 7:00 pm

$10 OFF All High Rollers and Buy-ins

$48 Buy-in gets 2 $500 packs 5 $100 packs & large intermission


July 3rd

10 packs pay $50

Purchase any level Buy-in or High Roller receive a FREE PACK of same level and FREE INTERMISSION

1- $1000 Wild Ball Game Guaranteed


Winner of game plays $70 High Roller FREE for the next 6 days

 June 7th

 $2,800 Guaranteed to Go

Get Level 2 High Roller for 1/2 price only $29!!!!!

that is every game we play from 6:30 till close

1- $1000 Wild Ball Game Guaranteed

1- $1000 Letter X U-Pick-em Game* Guaranteed

*must purchase your first U-Pick-Em by 7:00pm

1- $300 Game Guaranteed

$50 3 second minis from 6:30 till session

July 11th

Bring your buddy night!!

Buy any High Roller get a Level 2 Buy-in for FREE!

You can split the price of the High Roller with your buddy and

let them play the FREE Buy-in or play it all yourself

All Individual packs Half price until 7:00 pm

which means ALL High Rollers and Buy-ins at a discount until 7:00 pm